Metacake unveils new eCommerce growth plan tool to help retail businesses with eCommerce strategy

Metacake, a US-based full-service eCommerce growth team, launched the eCommerce Growth Plan, a new tool to assist retail businesses looking to strengthen their direct consumer (DTC) eCommerce channel.

After the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent social distancing and store closures, the eCommerce sector has witnessed growth at an unprecedented rate. In fact, the eCommerce growth rate for 2020 is expected to reach 18-22% according to several reports. Although stores are being reopened in many places, the increased adoption of shopping is more likely to stay.

As businesses shift online and more and more customers go online, many companies face a problem. Most businesses are not equipped to get adjusted with the eCommerce. If the businesses haven’t prior experience in eCommerce, they may not have the tools and resources to run an eCommerce business successfully. Even if they decide to invest in eCommerce, they may not know the best ways to leverage growth.

Metacake introduces its new eCommerce Growth Plan tool in this context. It is designed to help businesses to strengthen their existing eCommerce channel and put the direct to customer businesses on the right track for strategic growth.

Ken Ott, the co-founder of Metacake, said “We’ve always believed that a strong DTC eCommerce channel is critical for the health of retail businesses. 2020 has proved that even more. If you’re not online, you need to make the move. If you are already selling online, now is the time to focus on investing in healthy growth.”

The Metacake eCommerce Growth Plan provides businesses an opportunity to work with Metacake’s team of experts to build an action plan unique to the business. It also helps businesses to identify what type of investment and initiatives are required to unlock the maximum potential of the business and achieve maximum growth.