1. Mondi introduces thermo-insulated packaging

UK based packaging company Mondi has launched its latest eCommerce product BCoolBox, a recyclable packaging solution that keeps perishable food cool while in transit. It uses thermo-insulation to keep items chilled below 7 degrees Celsius for up to 24 hours.

Keeping the food chilled happens without using a cooling truck, so it could be very interesting for online retailers that (occasionally) sell perishable food or other items that need to be chilled while in transit.

Benefits of BCoolBox

  • Corrugated packaging solution with thermo-insulation keeps food chilled below 7° celsius for up to 24 hours without using a cooling truck
  • Inner corrugated panels enclose the shipment from all sides, providing enhanced insulation
  • Ability to use different cooling agents
  • Made entirely from recycled material and 100% recyclable

With BCoolBox food stays fresh from the store to the consumer or a pick-up station and offers online retailers the opportunity to expand their geographical reach for deliveries.

  1. Shopify Expands its ‘Shop Pay’ In-Stream Payment Process to Facebook and Instagram Shops

Shopify has announced a new integration with Facebook which will enable Shopify users to purchase items via its ‘Shopify Pay’ payment system when buying in Facebook and Instagram Shops.

Shop Pay integration with Facebook and Instagram

The Shop Pay option is now available to Instagram users and will roll out on Facebook Shops in the next few weeks.

Shop Pay, which stores credit card and shipping information to speed online checkout, hasn’t previously been available outside the e-commerce stores of Shopify clients.

The integration with Facebook and Instagram shops could be a major advancement for Facebook’s eCommerce push, providing more ways for users to revert to a transaction process that they trust when buying through its platforms.

Shop Pay is designed to reduce purchase friction and make it easier to buy something without entering credit card or shipping information for every order.

Registered users would select Shop Pay at checkout, enter the email address and phone number associated with the account, and receive a code to verify it is them the first time they use it on Facebook Shops or Instagram. Shop Pay also helps users track a package via the Shop app, offers the option to pay in instalments and promises to offset the carbon emissions associated with each delivery.

  1. TikTok takes on Facebook with US ecommerce push

TikTok is planning an aggressive expansion into ecommerce in the US, where it will go head-to-head with Silicon Valley giant Facebook.

Tiktok integration with Shopify

The Chinese-owned viral-video app has briefed advertisers on a number of new features for 2021, according to several people who have seen its plans, such as a tool that lets its most popular users share links to products and automatically earn commission on any sales.

“It’s old-school affiliate marketing,” one senior advertising executive said, adding that video makers would be able to link to any products they liked, even if they were not formally sponsored by the brand.

TikTok, which is owned by China’s ByteDance, is also aiming to roll out the ability for brands to showcase catalogues of their products on the platform.

TikTok says it plans to start testing new in-app features that will make it easier for users to discover Shopify merchants and their products by expanding their reach through video and on their account profiles. These features will also “let users browse merchant’s products and shop directly through the TikTok app,” a spokesperson said. They didn’t offer specific details about the features or how the payments portion would work, saying that more information would be available when the new tools launched.

The app is also said to be rolling out “livestreamed” shopping, a mobile phone version of television shopping channels, where users can buy goods with a few taps after seeing them showcased by TikTok stars.