1. Grocery stores are still seeing a steady flow of online shoppers one year into the pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, grocery stores saw a rise in online shoppers due to health and safety guidelines. One year later and the idea of online grocery shopping has become a staple for many, even in the Ozarks.

According to market research company eMarketer, people will buy groceries online more often in 2021, stating how long the pandemic has lasted.

In Springfield, grocery stores see a steady mix of in-person and online grocery shopping based on convenience.

“It kind of depends on what we’re after,” says Kaylene Clem.

Clem says if she is grabbing a few items, it is easier for her to opt for online.

“But, if we want to kind of see the deals and get the whole experience, we’ll go in-store,” she says.

Springfield HyVee Store Manager John Blocker says the online grocery option has helped business.

“Initially, it was just a huge spike in our online business, and it still is remaining steady. We know that we have to be in that space, and we make sure to do our best there as well and continue to innovate,” says Blocker.

HyVee offers a way to help online shoppers called “Aisles Online.”

“You have a personal shopper. And that shopper will text you and make sure that if you want to add something, you can add stuff. If we’re out of something, we can substitute it for you,” says Blocker.

Blocker says for those who want to shop in person, the grocery store is doing everything to make shopping a healthy experience.

  1. FedEx’s profit nearly triples as online shopping grows

FedEx says its profit nearly tripled in its most recent quarter, despite winter weather that hobbled some of its facilities.

Online shopping has surged during the pandemic as more people avoid going inside stores. That has made package delivery companies like FedEx in high demand.

“I’m exceedingly proud of our FedEx team members, who are moving the world forward through the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines — the most important work in the history of FedEx,” said Fred Smith, FedEx Corp. chairman and chief executive officer.

The Memphis, Tennessee-based company reported net income of $892 million for the three months ending Feb. 28, compared with $315 million in the same period the year before.

Adjusted earnings came to $3.47 per share, beating Wall Street expectations.

The company said revenue rose 23% to $21.5 billion, also beating expectations.

  1. GoodFirms New Research Reveals 23 Integrations to Upgrade the Shopify Store – 2021

GoodFirms surveyed 132 Shopify store owners and eCommerce experts worldwide to be familiar with the most effective and helpful Shopify integrations for the smooth running of online business and unveiled the 23 integrations to optimize a Shopify store.

In this study, GoodFirms has highlighted how many integrations a Shopify store needs, what kind of Shopify integrations do experts use to build, run, and maintain the online store. The several Shopify integrations are defined here for sorts of categories. It includes selling, store design, marketing, sales & conversion, order management & shipping, trust & security, finances, and dropshipping.