Welcome to StorePro, the WooCommerce management service for “connected” websites.

“Wait a minute are you guys another WooCommerce maintenance service?”

Well, yes and no. Yes, we are another WooCommerce Maintenance service, but we are not just another WooCommerce maintenance service! Yes, we do offer to fix your WooCommerce site for a monthly fee. Yes we will update your plugins, yes we will update your web site with the latest security fixes, yes we’ll backup your site on a daily basis and yes we even offer same-day turnaround on our work. Oh and yes we offer this on an unlimited basis…

“So why should I choose StorePro over the competition?”

The service we offer at StorePro has grown out of a need from our current clients who run fast-paced, websites that are constantly being updated.

StorePro is targeted at those who want their websites to become an integral part of their marketing and customer outreach, connected with social media and operating as their web presence hub. If your website hasn’t changed in the last year and this year’s looks the same, then you probably don’t want our service.

If on the other hand you want your website to take over the world and become the next Amazon or Google, then fantastic, you’ll want our help! Though we only want to help the good guys. No supervillains allowed!

Seriously though if you have a website that you want to be updated on a regular basis, that you want to become a hub for all your various social media fronts, that’s exactly what StorePro was built for.

We are the service for the modern “connected” site. We set up automation using various services such as IFTTT and Zapier as well as our own custom Autobots. So we can automate such things as scheduled uploads to your website and services such as YouTube and Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, etc.  So whether you operate a school, blog,  e-commerce site, hospital or any other great site, we are the service to make your life easier.

Yes we fix your website and make sure it works flawlessly, but our real goal is to ensure you have a useful, connected site that is bringing you new customers and business. Because at the end of the day, that is the reason your website exists and we exist to help make it happen.

To the future web and beyond…

Nigel Jennings

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