Cart abandonment prevention

It’s better to prevent valuable customers from slipping away rather than putting extra efforts to win them back. So, the first thing you should think about is how you can reduce cart abandonment. Shoppers back out from the buying process and abandon the cart due to various reasons including but not limited to

  • Incompatible payment processes
  • There are not enough payment methods
  • The credit card was declined
  • Additional shipping fee and taxes are too high
  • The site requires to create an account to make an order
  • Too long/complicated checkout process
  • Delivery is too slow
  • Returns policy isn’t satisfactory
  • Brand credibility issues

If you could address these common issues, you can reduce the cart abandonment rate to a large extent. A well-designed and optimized checkout page/process is also crucial to reduce cart abandonment. It minimizes the friction in the funnel and reduces the checkout time.

For example, the guest checkout feature removes one barrier for the customers. Similarly, there are many things you can do to improve the checkout experience good for your customers. It helps you to reduce the cart abandonment rate significantly.

Cart abandonment reminder emails

Even the best optimized checkout process has 20% cart abandonment rate. Customers abandon the cart for various reasons. But most of them usually plan to come back and complete the purchase later. It could be a distraction, a temporary issue, or confusion that leads to the cart abandonment.

So, if you are not sending an email reminding them of the product they wanted to buy and added to the cart, you leave serious money on the table.

So, every eCommerce business should have an automated email workflow and personalized automated cart abandonment emails should be a part of the email workflow.

Here is an example of a personalized cart abandonment email from Amazon.

According to a Salesforce report, 60% of customers who received a personalized cart abandonment reminder email returned back to complete the purchase within 24 hours. It shows that personalized cart abandonment recovery email is an effective solution to recover your lost sales

But how do you do that?

If you are already using an automated email marketing system like Mailchimp on your online store, it’s very easy to set up automated personalized cart abandonment emails. If you are not, it is okay. There are many WordPress plugins that will help you to achieve it.

Cart abandonment reminder notification tools

There are plenty of free and paid WordPress plugins that help us to track cart abandonment in WooCommerce stores and send personalized emails or alert notifications. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin by CartFlows Inc is an excellent tool that we recommend for beginners.

It’s a very user-friendly and simple plugin that works flawlessly. It captures the email address of the users on the checkout page. If the customer doesn’t complete the order, CartFlows sends a series of automated follow-up emails to the customer reminding them of the product they added to the cart.

  • The first email is sent after 1 hour and asks if there was any technical issue
  • The second email is sent after 24 hours reminding them to complete the purchase
  • The third email is sent after 72 hours and it will contain a unique limited time 5% discount coupon

The plugin allows you to customize the emails to match your brand.

It sends a unique checkout link to each customer that takes them to where they exactly left off. If they have already filled the form in the checkout page, they will be taken to the checkout page with a prefilled form.

You can easily integrate it with email marketing automation tools like Active Campaign. Campaign Monitor, etc.

It also has a good collection of cart abandonment reminder email templates. So, you don’t need to worry about crafting the perfect email to win back the customer.

The plugin can automatically generate a unique discount coupon and send it along with the email to entice the customer.

Cart abandonment in WooCommerce stores and send personalized emails or alert notifications. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin by CartFlows Inc is not the only abandoned cart recovery solution out there. But in our experience, it’s the best free option.

If you are looking for advanced tools with lots of sophisticated features, YITH Advanced Cart Recover, CampaignRabbit, and Retainful are some of the popular paid abandoned cart recovery plugins out there.

Retargeting ads for abandoned cart

Retargeting ads is another great technique to recover the abandoned cart.

You may already know that with Facebook Ads you can target customers who have visited your website and even show the ads of the products they have seen on your online store.

But Facebook Ads also allows you to track customers who added a product to the cart but didn’t complete the purchase and show them ads of the particular products.

It helps you to remind the customers about the product they have added into the cart so they come back and complete the order.


Even the most optimized online stores face cart abandonment issues and it’s not something that you can completely get rid of. However, with the right tools and strategies, you can recover lost sales and revenue.