The Technical Challenge – Covid-19

This is a time of great difficulty for many, people, businesses and governments. We recognise that some businesses are on the brink of collapse due to lockdowns, whilst others are at the point of breaking due to the massive increase in demand.

This is especially the case with organisations that are providing essential services to the community. Such businesses include grocery stores, pharmacies, medical services, such as doctors, hospitals and clinics, online providers of medical equipment and some educational services. It is extremely important the services and stores providing vital services and goods continue to operate during these times. This is a time when we need to reach out and help our neighbours – no matter where in the world they may be.

Therefore we want to be step up to the call to be part of the solution by putting services before profit and helping ensure that essential services and sites are kept running.

What We Can Offer

We are not a large corporate organisation, so what we offer in the big picture is small. But for you, our services may mean the difference between a website that is crashed or slow and one that is working correctly. We offer help with fixing issues on your site and ensuring that it is running as fast as possible.

We are offering help with Shopify, WordPress/WooCommerce and Magento sites.

Get In Touch

If you run or manage such a service, then please get in touch with us via our contact page, send us details of your store and support requirements, we will get back to you quickly.