What are WooCommerce subscription renewal reminders?

Renewal emails are automated notifications sent to current customers as a friendly reminder that their membership or subscription is nearing its expiration date. These emails serve as a prompt for customers to take action and renew their subscription or membership. They are commonly employed by businesses offering subscription-based services or products with recurring payments.

It may seem counter productive to send emails like this, but in this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of sending subscription renewal reminders to customers.

Maintain Customer Subscription Engagement

One of the primary advantages of sending membership email renewal reminders is the ability to maintain active engagement with your members. These reminders offer an opportunity to share enticing information about upcoming events, new benefits, or exclusive promotions. By providing valuable updates, you can keep members interested, motivated, and eager to continue their participation in your program.

With the growth of subscription based charging models, many countries are in the process of introducing or examining specific legislation targeted at fair trade and avoiding subscription traps. These laws are designed to prevent the situation where customers subscriptions are automatically renewed without the customer being given fair notice. The UK is at the forefront of this effort with the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill (Bill) currently before Parliament. This law is expected to come into force in 2024 and will apply to any business that targets UK customers, even if based outside of the UK.

This law specifically states…”Businesses must provide notices to consumers to remind them that their subscription contract will renew, and that payment will be due unless the consumer cancels. The reminder notice must include the date that the renewal payment is due and the amount owing, as well as details of how the consumer can terminate the contract before becoming liable for the next payment.”


“The renewal notice must be sent to the consumer between 3 and 5 working days before the last day on which the consumer can cancel the contract without becoming liable for the renewal payment. Additional reminders are required for subscriptions that renew for periods of 12 months or more.”

In the United States, many states have either passed or are in the process of passing law specifically about subscription renewal reminders. For instance, California has recently amended its laws in regards to subscription renewals. It is now a legal requirement in California to remind customers before their renewal date if they have a subscription that lasts 12 months or more.

So to avoid getting into legal trouble it is best practice to take a precautionary approach by adopting a wooCommerce subscription renewal reminders email process for all your subscribers.

Improve Retention Rates

Membership email renewal reminders play a vital role in improving retention rates by effectively communicating the value and benefits of membership to your members. These reminders keep members informed about the perks they receive as part of the program, preventing them from inadvertently forgetting about their membership. By highlighting the value they gain from continued engagement, these reminders encourage members to renew their membership or remain actively involved in your program.

Minimize Unwanted Renewals

Automatic renewal reminders can play a vital role in minimizing unwanted renewals. While some customers may intentionally opt for automatic renewals, others may prefer to assess their subscription before committing to another term. By sending renewal reminders, you give customers the opportunity to evaluate their subscription and make informed decisions. This reduces the likelihood of unwanted renewals, as customers have a chance to adjust their subscriptions or cancel if necessary. Rather than be annoyed and frustrated at unwanted subscriptions being charged.

Upsell Customers With New Features and Offers

Subscription reminder emails often include updates on new features, product enhancements, or exclusive offers available to subscribers. These communications act as a gateway to discovering additional benefits that may enhance our subscription experience. By keeping us informed about the latest developments, businesses can foster a sense of loyalty and engagement while giving us a chance to maximize the value we receive from our subscriptions.


Sending automatic renewal reminders to customers in WooCommerce is a valuable practice to ensure transparent communication, minimize unwanted renewals, and promote customer satisfaction. By proactively notifying customers about upcoming renewals, businesses can stay ahead of the law, establish trust and transparency while providing subscribers with an opportunity to assess their subscriptions. Through these reminders, customers can conveniently manage their accounts and make informed decisions about the continuation of their subscriptions. Embrace the power of WooCommerce automatic renewal reminders to streamline the renewal process and foster a loyal and satisfied subscriber base.

How Can I send Subscription Reminder Emails from WooCommerce / WordPress?

To send subscription renewal reminder emails for WooCommerce subscriptions you will need an additional plugin. At StorePro we have developed a free subscription renewal plugin for WooCommerce and a premium version with additional functionalities. The free subscription renewal reminders plugin allows you to set on which day the reminder email is sent and the ability to modify the title and content of the email.

Is there a Free Subscription Renewal Reminders Plugin available for WooCommerce?

Yes, check out the StorePro Subscription Renewals Plugin available on the WordPress repository for free!