More Than Half of Europeans Shop Online More Than Ever

57% of Europeans shop online more than ever since the COVID-19 outbreak hit Europe, according to recent research by Mastercard. The findings in the research indicate positive changes in the online shopping behaviour which would facilitate a significant spike in the growth in the eCommerce sector in Europe.

The research revealed the record signing up to virtual experiences like home fitness classes, TV and film subscriptions, and online learning.

  • 30% spend more money on virtual experiences
  • 58% subscribe for online film or TV services
  • 26% attend exercise classes
  • 24% virtually visit museums and other places of interest

The study also revealed that people across Europe use their extra time staying indoors as an opportunity to learn new skills and get familiarised with online services.

  • 37% started to bank online
  • 28% started to learn how to manage their health and get medicine online

The research also sheds light on the major concerns of shoppers while shopping online. 65% worry about being a victim of online scamming and fraud.

Eve Sleep shows resilience through this hard time

Eve Sleep, an online mattress retailer, said that its sales have been in line with the expectation despite the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

After the initial disruption when the COVID-19 hit the UK, Eve Sleep managed to improve its revenue in April and May, thanks to the robust supply chain and collaborative and responsive team culture.

Cheryl Claverley, the newly appointed CEO of Eve Sleep, said that the eCommerce business model of Eve Sleep enabled it to adapt to the situation quickly without much supply chain issues.

As consumers adapt to lockdown life, the demand for pillows, bedding, mattresses, and related products has significantly increased. Moreover, the lack of high-street competition following the lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak benefitted Eve Sleep.

New checkout feature enables Instagram users to shop without leaving the app

Instagram unveiled a new checkout feature that allows users to shop from more than 20 brands including Nike and Beverly Hills without leaving the Instagram app.

The new checkout feature is in beta stage and is limited to the US users and mobile app only.

The new feature makes shopping online easier than ever. The app will request the user’s details like address, shipping details, and contact information the first time when the user try the checkout feature. Then Instagram saves information that can be used for the next purchases which makes shopping even faster.

The company said that checkout is just one part of long-term investment in shopping and it is actively exploring ways to improve the shopping experience.