Note: This blog aims to list various sources to hire a WooCommerce developer. We do not necessarily recommend any particular business or individual featured here.

This blog also throws light into the pros and cons of each place.

Let’s get started.

  1. Premium Marketplaces to hire a WooCommerce Developer

Premium marketplaces are a good pick if you want to hire experienced and senior WooCommerce developers for your project.


  • You can hire experienced developers from across the globe to work for you.
  • The developers are usually pre-screened to ensure the skill level is high.
  • You can assign projects of any nature – though these services are often more geared towards high end development.
  • The services often operate as mediator if problems arise and sometimes offer a guarantee.


  • These services tend to be expensive, you are covering the cost of the developer plus the marketplace.
  • Despite having a currated choice, you still have to pick a developer to work with. It can be time consuming and difficult to pick the correct person.
  • It is probable that the responsibility of the project will rest on a single developer, which can be a risk if problems develop.


It’s an online marketplace for hiring professional developers.

You can find freelancers, business owners, and big agencies on this platform to do every WordPress related work- development, management, bug fixes, etc.

You can hire developers on a project basis. If you know the basic details of a project, you can start a project on Codeable.

The Process

You first need to create an account on Codeable and define the work.

Then give a title to your project and add a brief description. You can even pick an expert developer from Codeable to work on a project if you already know them. If the developer you picked doesn’t take the project within 24 hours, it will be open for others.

Next, Codeable will ask you about the complexity of the project. It could be low, medium or high. Also, you should let them know how urgent your project is. Then you will get the basic pricing of the project.

Even if you don’t know much about your project, Codeable’s team will help you with the project description through a consultation.

Codeable makes sure it has the best talent. Developers cannot simply register with the platform.  Each developer who wants to register as a freelancer needs to pass an assessment test.

The average rate of freelancers on Codeable is $70-120 per hour.

Expense rating: $$$ – Expensive


Toptal is the place to connect with experienced freelance WooCommerce developers. The platform claims to have the best developers from across the globe.

Though it has professionals from other sectors like designing, finance, marketing, etc. the platform’s stronghold is its developer vertical.

If the work requires in-depth technical knowledge and super skills, you will probably get the best candidates from Toptal.

On Toptal, you can hire a WooCommerce developer for new or existing projects.

Best part? You can ever hire a cross-functional team for your projects including developers, designers and project managers.

Hourly charges for WooCommerce developers fall between $60 and $210.

Expense rating: $$$$ – Highly Expensive (formerly Codementor)

Arc is a dedicated platform to hire a  WooCommerce developer on a remote basis. The company makes it a lot easier to work with remote developers. You can hire people on an hourly basis.

As a hiring platform, Arc has a good pool of experienced developers.

To be able to register on the site, each person has to take a test, which is based on Silicon Valley-caliber technical and behavioral assessments.

You might have some worries about remote hiring? But Arc makes it as seamless as possible.

It takes care of the procedures after you picked the right candidate. It manages payroll, benefits, and compliance for each candidate.

To hire a WooCommerce developer on Arc, you usually have to pay  $60- $100 per hour.

Expense rating: $$$ – Expensive


Gigster helps you set up a team of professionals who will be working from different parts of the world for your company.

Gigster’s dedicated team will connect you with high-performing individuals across the globe.

The first step starts by describing your project and its basic details.

Gigster will do the rest. They give you the best talent to work for your project.

On Gigster, there are no restrictions on team capacity. That is, you can easily approach them for big projects. It suits projects of every size and shape.

There will be a project manager from Gigster’s team to supervise the whole project and he acts as a bridge between you and the developers.

Gigster charges per project. The pricing is based on the nature and size of the project. Usually, the price is higher.

Expense rating: $$$ – Expensive

  1. Online Marketplaces

These are online platforms where you can find a very large number of developers with different skill sets, ranging from beginners to experts.


  • A large pool of developers with varied expertise
  • Budget-friendly. You can hire people for a lower budget
  • Often there is a guarantee and you may not have to pay if you are not satisfied with work quality


  • It can be difficult and time consuming to choose the right person from a large pool of candidates
  • Sometimes it is hard to know if the person you hire has the correct skills and is capable of delivering the project
  • You are normally hiring an individual, so success or failure of the project is dependent on one person – this can be a risk.

Let’s take a look at some top marketplaces that help you hire a WooCommerce developer


Upwork is a platform for freelance developers and it has over 12 million professionals worldwide, working in different sectors. You can pick developers based on their hourly salary, skills, expertise, and specialization.

Before collaborating with freelancers you can take a look at their portfolio and make sure you have hired the right person for your project.

Once you find a suitable developer, you can check his/her price per hour.

Make sure to check the review from previous tasks to ensure others have been happy with your chosen developers work quality

The average hourly charge for WooCommerce developers is $20-100 per hour.

Expense rating: $$ – Medium

This is one of the world’s biggest online platforms for hiring freelancers with 41 million registered users and 17 million jobs. You can easily find WooCommerce developers to work with your online store on a freelance basis. makes it easier to connect with developers across the globe. You just need to fill out the details of your company and post your job. Then you will start receiving responses from developers.

The payment can be made only after delivering the work on time. You can review the progress of work 24/7 to ensure the work is going in the right direction.

If you’re not convinced, you can look at the testimonials of the profiles to assess their professional background and performance.

Expense rating: $$ – Medium

People Per Hour

Want to hire a freelancer from any part of the world quickly?

Then People Per Hour could be one of the places to go.

It is an online marketplace for freelancers across the globe with over 2 million registered users.

On People Per Hour, companies can easily find freelancers and hire them on an hourly basis. You can reduce the hassle in the hiring process by directly connecting with freelancers of your choice.

You just need to post the project with all the details. The site does the rest.

And you will start receiving proposals from top WooCommerce developers.

You can pay developers on an hourly basis or a fixed price for the whole project.

People Per Hour is also a good option if you want to connect with local freelancers for onsite projects.

The average charge for an hour starts at $15 and goes up to $110. But you can also find developers who charge as low as $10 per hour.

Expense rating: $ – Cheap


If you want to hire a WooCommerce developer on a freelance basis, there is no better place than Fiverr.

Too often, companies are a bit concerned about the quality of freelance projects. Fiverr effectively addresses this concern.

You only have to pay the freelancers only if they complete the work on time with the desired quality. That is, you get a chance to assess the work before making the payment.

Want to know the best part?

There is no confusion about pricing. It is transparent.

Every freelancer on Fiverr works on the basis of a fixed price. There are no hourly charges or hidden costs. So you will get the exact figures for the payment before finalizing a project.

You will get WooCommerce developers to work for you under any budget on Fiverr.

Expense rating: $ – Cheap

WP Hired

WPHired connects professionals with business owners who are looking to hire a WooCommerce developer for their sites.

You can post the requirements of your freelance project on the site for FREE and you will receive a response from over 10000+ expert developers.

WP Hired is a good option if you don’t want to spend much on the hiring process.

Online Hiring Sites

Best places to hire a WooCommerce Developer

Online hiring platforms come handy if you want to hire a WooCommerce developer for a large single project, or even if you want to hire a developer in an ongoing capacity

There are many top online hiring sites that help you pick the right candidate for your WooCommerce project.


  • Large talent pool
  • Relatively cheaper to hire a WooCommerce developer
  • You can connect with local developers
  • A good place to find a developer for long term projects


  • Difficult to find the best person for the project
  • You may not be able to assess the skills of the candidate
  • Less controlled than a marketplace, thus you may find it difficult to judge the developers’ skills
  • Finding the right person might take longer than in a controlled marketplace


Indeed is one of the most popular online job portals used by millions across the globe.  The site is visited by nearly 250 million users every month. So you get access to a huge pool of professionals daily.

So you get access to a huge pool of professionals daily. You can post jobs on Indeed without any cost.


Glassdoor is one of the best job portals with nearly 67 million monthly job seekers.

So using Glassdoor will be a good bet if you are planning to hire a WooCommerce developer

You can post jobs without spending a penny. It’s completely free.

The employers have a dedicated dashboard on Glassdoor to assess the status of the job posted, the response received, etc.


Whitetruffle claims to have 90,000 plus tech candidates on its platform.

You can create an employer profile and start posting your jobs for free.

Since it focuses more on tech jobs, it will be easier for you to hire a WooCommerce developer on Whitetruffle.

IT Job Pro

This is one of the most popular places to search for tech candidates. The platform has been widely used by top companies like Tesla and Microsoft to hire tech talent.

You can sign up with them as an employer and post a job in order to hire a WooCommerce developer

In the company details section, you can even add company videos to give a teaser of your work culture to potential candidates.


This is an exclusive hiring platform for tech candidates with 50 million monthly visitors. They have over 1 million jobs in the database.

Their team will help you get the best candidate for you. All you need to do is just let them know your requirements.

Monster Jobs

This is one of the widely used job sites across the globe with a presence in 40 countries.  They provide a lot of innovative options to land the right candidate for any role.

You can easily hire a WooCommerce developer through Monster since it has an extensive pool of developers

You need to pick their paid plans to post a job. The plan is categorized into quick job posting and premium job posting.


Hired is an online marketplace of tech talent.

On Hired, you can find thousands of WooCommerce developers who can work with your project on an hourly basis.

The site claims to have a 60% positive response from the candidates.

You can post a job on Hired with a well-defined job description. Then it will automatically deliver the matching profiles to you. So you don’t have to waste time sorting the most suitable profiles.

After finding the right candidate, you can easily set up an interview to discuss things further.

Hired offers paid services and you can request a demo before buying a package.

Instead of pay per hire, you can choose a package with a fixed price for all your hiring needs.

The paid plans are spread across three plans – Essential, Advanced, and Assessments.


Dice is an exclusive portal for tech jobs with 1.5 million monthly visitors.

You can post a job on Dice to get the right talent for your company or project.

To hire a WooCommerce developer, you need to take a paid job-posting plan that starts from $395/ per job post.

You have options to promote your job on Dice’s 30 partner sites for a month. So your response rate will be higher.

However, this may not be a good option if you are looking for platforms that don’t charge you anything for posting jobs.

On Hired, you have to pay to post a job. Plus you have to pay the remuneration of the developer. So it could be an expensive choice.

WordPress Jobs

This is the job section on the WordPress site where you can hire WooCommerce developers.

There are many job categories on the site such as design, development, plugin development, migration and so on. You can define your job category to get quality leads for the position of WooCommerce developer.

This is essentially a jobs’ board – it is not a managed process like some of the other companies listed here. Correcting the job details once posted is not that easy here. You will have to submit a request to the website’s team and wait for 24 hours for a response.

So the best way is to make sure that the job details are accurate and address the right candidates.

Local Agencies

Local agencies for WooCommerce development

Local agencies can be a great option if you want to hire a team locally to support all the activities of your WooCommerce store. You will be able to meet face to face, which can rapidly build trust and ensure communication is clear.

It can also avoid some of the cross-cultural misunderstandings that can happen in remote hiring.


  • You can meet your project team in person and discuss the project
  • There will be a project manager to update you of the status of your work
  • Presence of a fully-fledged team to work on your project
  • Communication is clear and rapid.
  • No issues with cultural misunderstanding or time zones misalignment


  • Expensive
  • It can be difficult to find a local agency with the correct experience
  • Limited options according to your geographical location
  • You may need to rely on word of mouth recommendations

Here are some high profile Local Agency Examples. However, you will need to search for local web development agencies choose to your location

Coolblueweb (US)

Based in Seattle, Coolblueweb offers complete WooCommerce support – development, migration, store optimization and almost everything for your WooCommerce store.

Coolblueweb specializes in custom plugin development, store optimization, troubleshooting, and store promotional activities.

The pricing for the basic plan starts at $165/ hour. Their custom plugin starts at 40 hours and custom theme development at 80 hours. Their projects start at $6000.

Advant Interactive (US)

With a combined of over 30 years, this California-based company is a gold partner of WooCommerce that provides top WooCommerce support. They have over 100 clients across the globe.

The company focuses on providing fully customized WooCommerce storefronts, which includes integrating WooCommerce using custom APIs to work with major shipping and marketing solutions.  Advant Interactive has also won many awards for its work.

Their single project pricing starts at $14000 and hourly charges start from $95 per hour.

LightSpeed (South Africa)

This Capetown-based company comprises a team of WooCommerce experts who have been working in the industry for the last 13 years.

They help you build a compelling and functional WooCommerce store from scratch. Their team specializes in custom plugin development, themes and designs, optimized WordPress hosting, marketing services and migrations from any eCommerce platforms to WooCommerce.

Pricing per project starts from $2500 and hourly charges start at $85

Virtina (US)

They provide end-to-end WooCommerce solutions to small, medium and large online shops. The company specializes in creating a WooCommerce store that ensures seamless user experience and maximum flexibility.

Virtina could be a good choice if you want to get your complex WooCommerce tasks done.

They focus on website design and improvement, custom development, fixing critical themes and compatibility issues and customization of plugins.

The pricing of projects starts from $500 per project and hourly rates are from $60.

Emote Digital (Australia)

This is one of the most popular WooCommerce agencies in Australia with its office in Melbourne. They have an experienced team of WooCommerce experts that build large-scale ecommerce solutions.

You can connect with them to build a highly functional WooCommerce website with top features. The team of Emote Digital has proven experience in delivering complex WooCommerce projects.

The company’s key services include integrations and automation, custom WooCommerce development and design, strategy and marketing.

Pricing of their projects starts from $35000 and the hourly rate starts at $185.

Hall  (US)

Hall is a  US-based WooCommerce support agency with over eight years of experience in WooCommerce development.

You can hire their team for WooCommerce development, data-driven marketing service, integration, plugin development, and management of your WooCommerce store.

The company’s charges start from $75000/ project and $150/ hour.

eCreations (US)

This is a WooCommerce agency based in Phoenix, United States. They can be hired for WooCommerce development and industry-specific website design.

eCreations has over decades of experience in helping store owners to push their business and increase conversions.

The price for a project starts from $1600 and hourly pricing begins at $160.

Saucal  (Canada)

Saucal is a Canada-based agency that specializes in WooCommerce development, store customization, plugin customization, and internalization of languages and currencies on your WooCommerce store.

Saucal’s team is spread across the globe. To hire them for your projects, you can book a free consultation call with their team.

Silicon Dales (UK)

This is the only UK-based agency among WooExperts. If you’re looking for a team that can handle your complex WooCommerce integrations, you can reach out to their team.

Silicon Dales mainly focuses on WooCommerce development, speed optimization, importing large product ranges in CSV format, and migration.

The pricing for a project starts from $7500 and the hourly rates are from $150 per hour.

CartKnitter (India)

CartKnitter is an Indian WooCommerce agency that specializes in the development, plugin customization, website design, UI/UX enhancement, store migration, and plugin configuration.

Maybe this company is one of the cheapest service providers among the WooExperts. So you can hire them if you want to get things done under a tight budget.

Their pricing starts from just $50 per project. The hourly charge also starts from $50 per hour.

Wallmander & Co  (Sweden)

This is a Swedish agency based in Gothenburg. As a WooExpert, the company specializes in WooCommerce integration, development, and customized storefront.

The pricing starts at $15000 per project. The hourly rates start at $110 per hour.  (Ireland)

This Irish company agency has over a decade’s experience in WooCommerce development. Their main areas of work include WooCommerce plugin development and complex WooCommerce plugin customization.

In addition to this, Progressus also optimize your site for search engines. So you don’t have to worry much about the SEO marketing side.

Their projects start at $5000 and hourly rate begins from $100 per hour.

Maksimer AS (Norway)

Maksimer is the only WooExpert from Norway. The company specializes in custom WooCommerce development, plugin development including shipping and payment.

Maksimer AS has over 50 clients in Norway and is expanding its domain to other European countries as well.

You can hire them for a project at a base price of $20000 per project. The hourly rates start from $150 for an hour.

Price at a Glance

Company Name Country Base Price / Project Base Price/ Hour
Coolblueweb United States $6000 $165
Advant Interactive United States $14000 $95
LightSpeed South Africa $2500 $85
Virtina United States $500 $60
Emote Digital Australia $35000 $185
Hall United States $75000 $150
eCreations United States $1600 $160
Saucal Canada Price available on request Price available on request
Silicon Dales United Kingdom $7500 $150
CartKnitter India $50 $50
Wallmander & Co Sweden $15000 $110 Ireland $5000 $100
Makismer AS Norway $20000 $150


WordPress Support Companies

WordPress support companies

WordPress support companies provide support and development services for your site.

You can hire them for every WordPress related task. They usually have special packages for custom development.

In terms of finding a developer, they are probably best used for small development tasks rather than larger projects.

WordPress Support Companies help you with custom development, timely updates, website security, performance optimization, and analytics.

Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of WordPress support companies.


  • Highly professional approach
  • The work is done by a team instead of a single person
  • Good accountability
  • Seamless communication through a dedicated customer support team


  • Expensive for larger projects
  • Sometimes your requests will be pending as they handle multiple clients
  • Best for small development tasks rather than large projects

WP Fixit

The company provides support and development for WordPress sites. They also have a white-label service.

Customers can submit their requests through three different ways: Customer Support Portal, WordPress Admin Area, and Custom Email Address.

WP Fixt handles custom development projects.

Custom plan pricing: $245 (5 hours), $490 (10 hours),  $1225 (25 hours)

WP Buffs

They specialize in development and support. They have an experienced team of developers for every WordPress task.

Apart from providing white-label services, they also offer custom development plans that include custom plugin development, adding advanced functionalities and other development tasks.

Pricing for custom plans:
$347/ month (Custom Plan), $447/month (Custom Plan Pro).
They also Enterprise plan for big businesses.

This is a platform that offers on-demand WordPress support for your site. They are specialized in theme customization, site audit, fixing errors and issues, and WordPress theme and installation.

You can also contact them for on-demand WordPress development tasks with customized pricing.

They have different pricing for different work.

Basic Pricing:
Small tasks: Starts from $39 (Mainly site updates)
Repair: Starts from $49 (plugin issues, server error, etc.)
Migration: Starts from $59 (transferring website to a new server)
Speed optimization from $99
Malware removal starts from $99


GoWP focuses on white label WordPress maintenance and support. It suits businesses of any size and shape.

The company specializes in plugin updates, WordPress updates, backup, database optimization, and development.

They provide one-off tasks that include development based on your requirements if you don’t want their monthly retainer plans.

WP Site Care

WP Site Care focuses on daily backups, 24/7 security monitoring, WordPress updates, development and real-time activity monitoring.

They are one of the most reputed WordPress support companies in the world. So the pricing is also quite high.

Their premium plan that includes ecommerce support and development ( 2 development hours per month) starts at a monthly price of $299  when billed annually. They also have monthly plans that range between $99 to $399.


This is yet another WordPress support provider with a specialization in custom development, eCommerce website design and management.

To get started with a custom development project, you need to send them a brief description of your project.

Fix Runner

Fix Runner provides services like custom development, maintenance, and support. Their experienced team handles complex development tasks custom programming, custom design.

The WooCommerce tasks based on one-time fix start at $49 for 30 minutes. You can also take their membership plans for monthly maintenance and support.

WP Tech Support

WP Tech Support premium WordPress support for sites. They offer custom development for site owners. You can hire expert developers to work on your project.

They handle development for existing and new WordPress sites, custom-coded functionality, and plugin customization.

You can contact them to get a customized quote for development projects.

The custom development plans start at $30 per hour.

WP Hero

WP Hero has a team of experts that provide you with top and seamless WordPress support.

Their specialized support plans help business owners manage their sites without any hassle.

WP Hero offers a host of services including uptime monitoring, security updates, managed plugin updates, speed optimization, and custom development.

The pricing is spread across three plans: Managed WordPress ($229/month), Hosted WordPress ($497/month), and Ultimate + ($995/month).

Webful Creations

Webful Creations provides budget-friendly WordPress support and maintenance.It is more affordable than most WordPress support companies with plans starting at just $29 per month.

The company specializes in performance optimization, website edits, ecommerce support, product optimization, and plugin updates.

You can contact their team for custom development services.

Professional eCommerce Support and Development Companies

ecommerce support companies

Dedicated eCommerce companies are those that solely focus on creating, managing and supporting eCommerce sites, rather than being generalists across a wide range of websites.

eCommerce specialists may focus on one platform such as WooCommerce, or they may have a focus on a wider range of platforms, including Shopify or Magento. But the key difference is their specialist knowledge and skills in the eCommerce sector and its associated demands and requirements.

Thus dedicated eCommerce development and support companies usually have a very deep understanding of eCommerce.

This may mean that they are able to develop functionality quicker and possibly at a lower cost than agencies who have broader development experience.

Specialist WooCommerce companies also will normally have a wide understanding of various sizes of stores and the associated requirements, whether small or large.


  • Specialists eCommerce development knowledge
  • A large amount of experience of various eCommerce stores
  • Highly professional approach
  • Deep knowledge can mean quicker development time frames
  • Usually, it’s a team approach – rather than an individual developer
  • Usually, the work is guaranteed
  • Ability to provide ongoing support as well as the development


  • Possibly more expensive than using a marketplace such as Fiver
  • Not suitable for non-eCommerce websites
  • They may not be a good fit for small, one-off projects of you don’t need ongoing tech support

Here’s a quick look at two WooCommerce specialist companies we picked.

1) StorePro

Yes – that’s us 🙂

At StorePro we are a go-to place for all your eCommerce tasks. We support a number of platforms – but specialize in WooCommerce.

We have a specialized and deeply experienced team to help you with WooCommerce development, management, and support.

As we are an eCommerce specialist, we have experience in supporting and developing all sizes of stores, from startups to those with multi-million dollar turnover.

API integration and stock management are one of our specialist areas.

So be it a complex or simple WooCommerce task, we have got you covered.

As we say – “You focus on the marketing and we’ll do the tech stuff”.

Our top-notch service makes sure that you run an optimized and high-performing WooCommerce store.

2) Wooassist

Wooassist is a dedicated WooCommerce support agency that specializes in the maintenance, support, and development of your WooCommerce store.

They also handle theme and plugin updates.

Wooassist provides three plans to purchase their block hours.

The plans start at $129 (4 hours) and go up to $435 (20 hours)


There are many ways to hire a WooCommerce developer – as you probably know! The choice can be overwhelming – even the choice of which route to finding a developer.

We would suggest that you take a look at your budget, the complexity of the requirement and the importance of the work.

Is this a piece of code that is highly complex and the security of your business relies upon it? Then go with the more premium services or an eCommerce specialist.

Are you simply wanting a new page template created? Then one of the less expensive marketplaces might be a good fit.

Sometimes going the cheaper route is a false economy, as less experienced developers are usually slower than those with more experience.

Always check reviews of past work and if you are unsure of how complex a task might be then probably best to go with a fixed price rather than a per hour service.

If you have any questions or want any advice just send us a message and we’ll do our best to help.
Want help with WooCommerce development? We have got you covered. Contact us now.

Want help with WooCommerce development? Contact us now.