USPS to Launch Loyalty Program for Shippers

United States Postal Service (USPS) is set to implementing a new loyalty program for shippers and filed a notice with Postal Regulatory Commission.

“The Notice states that the Loyalty Program applies to Postal Service business customers using Click-N-Ship for Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail shipping at retail rates.”

The program has three tiers: Basic, Silver, Gold. Basic (no minimum spending) provides $40 credit for every $500 spent; Silver (at least $10,000 spent) provides $50 credit for every $500 spent; Gold (at least $20,000 spent) qualifies for commercial pricing.

The loyalty program applies to customers using Click-N-Ship for Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail at retail rates. Beginning on August 1, 2020, the Postal Service will automatically enroll these customers in the Basic tier of the program. On January 1, 2021, the loyalty program will expand to the three tiers.

BlueSnap partners with Splitit on Installment Payments

BlueSnap, an all-in-one payment platform provider, has announced its integration with Splitit in a partnership that plans to improve the merchant and customer experience on installment payment transactions.

BlueSnap provides everything businesses need to process payments, increase sales, and reduce costs, all in one place — including a payment gateway platform, merchant account, and advanced features that improve bottom-line performance.

Splitit Payments Ltd offers no-fee installment payments on credit card purchases, allowing consumers to break payments into smaller increments. It functions as a technology layer, improving merchant conversion by facilitating hassle-free installment options without applications or new credit.

Because Splitit and BlueSnap are integrated, no further integration is needed for merchants to enjoy these benefits. The Splitit integration allows shoppers to pay by installment with a unique approach that applies monthly charges to an existing card.

ClearSale Unveils Updated Shopify App for Increases Fraud Protection

Fraud protection leader ClearSale has recently announced an update to its Shopify App, promising merchants with cutting-edge protection from fraud, chargebacks, and false-positive declines.

The ClearSale app is available to download for free from the Shopify App Store, and now it requires minimal technical knowledge to integrate it with Shopify stores.

ClearSale offers an end-to-end fraud management solution that helps eCommerce stores to protect the business from by carefully analyzing the orders for the most accurate determination of fraud and handling the transactions as necessary. The manual review process of the ClearSale ensures that genuine orders that would be normally declined by AI technologies used by most fraud detecting tools are reviewed by a seasoned analyst and are not denied outright.