WhatsApp Introduces New Ways to Reach a Business

WhatsApp Introduces New Ways to Reach a Business
WhatsApp Business app gets new features including support for QR code to start chat, link to the product catalog, and ‘open for business’ stickers. With the new features, WhatsApp hopes businesses can have a more interactive and intuitive conversation with the customers.

Until now, WhatsApp users required to add the contact number of the business to initiate the chatting. The new update allows businesses to print a QR in their receipts or product packaging, so customers can scan this QR code and start the chat instantly.

With the new update, sharing the product catalogs and individual products through WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram will make it much easier for the businesses. It helps small eCommerce businesses to share communicate with their customers more efficiently than ever.

The new sticker pack includes animated stickers for ‘out of stock’, ‘sale’, ‘closing soon’, ‘address please’, free delivery’, ‘back in stock’, ‘closed’, etc.

Google Launches New Video Shopping Platform, Shoploop

Google’s unveils its latest experimental project is ‘Shoploop’, a mobile-only video shopping platform focusing on creators, brands, and publishers in the beauty industry.

Google combines three things a customer goes through while shopping into one platform. This includes discovering, evaluating, and buying products. According to Lax Poojary, General Manager, Shoploop, “[the] goal is to provide a platform where users can review and recommend products and help others shop directly from their videos. Once you find a product you like, you can either save the product to buy later to click straight to the brand’s website to complete the transaction. You’ll also be able to follow Shoploop creators and share videos you like with friends and family.

The Shoploop experience is more interactive than scrolling through images on traditional e-commerce sites. All Shoploop videos are shorter than 90 seconds and help users discover new products in an entertaining way whether you want to try at-home nail stickers or purchase a new concealer.