Are you looking for Black Friday Marketing Ideas?

Have you started preparing your store for the biggest shopping season?
Black Friday is coming this month!

As an ecommerce store owner, all you need on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is sales.

More sales. More customers and more business.

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Did you know?

70% of US shoppers are ready to spend their money during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

165.8 million people shopped during this festive season last year. So it’s important to promote your eCommerce store for Black Friday.

Because 65% of people’s holiday purchases are influenced by sales and promotions.

So the next question is:

How do you promote your online business for Black Friday?

We share 13 amazing ways you can promote your store for Black Friday 2019.

These strategies will be helpful if you’re looking for new ideas for Black Friday marketing.

Let’s get started.

1) Give jaw-dropping offers and deals

Black Friday Marketing Ideas 2019

Your customers are surfing in the ocean of ecommerce stores. There are thousands of stores that target your potential customers.

How do you stand out from other ecommerce stores in your niche?


Provide crazy offers! Scream it. Create the buzz.

You can grab the attention of potential customers by providing the best deals on your popular products.

That way you can bring the deal-hungry shoppers to your website.

Identify your popular products and sell them at an exciting offer. This is likely to persuade your website visitors to press the “BUY” button.

Here’s an important reason why you should provide the best deals and offers:

91% of people who plan to shop online compare deals and discounts.

It’s true that you will be competing with thousands of eCommerce store owners on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So you must stand out from them to get noticed.

How to make your eCommerce site unique?

Here’s a smart way to do it:

Gamify your offers and discounts. Let users play certain games and win discounts.

For instance, spin the wheel to get a discount or create an easy game like simple puzzles or word games to get FREE shopping vouchers.

2) Create a dedicated landing page for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Promote your store for Black Friday 2019

If I have plans to shop online this year, the first thing I do is to search for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on Google.

And I bet I am not the only one who does it!

There are millions who look for the best deals and offers online.

So it’s a good idea to have an exclusive and well-designed landing page for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Your landing should be loud and clear. Your visitors should instantly understand what they gain when they make a purchase from your site.

But having a creatively sounding landing page alone won’t be enough to make conversions.

Here are some crucial areas that you should look at when creating a landing page for your exclusive Black Friday offers:

Loading time

Your page should load as fast as possible. Because users feel embarrassed when the loading time of your page is longer.

Here’s the proof:

According to eyeviewdigital, a second’s delay in loading time reduces conversions by 7%

Did you see that?

Every second counts!

So make sure that your landing page does not test visitors’ patience.

Yes, it means your landing page should be a Usain Bolt when it comes to loading time! Period.

Content organization

We understand that it’s Black Friday and you need more sales. But stuffing your landing page with a lot of content will confuse the customers.

Did you know?

Showing multiple offers on your landing page can decrease conversions by up to 266%

As eCommerce store owners, I am sure that you don’t want it to happen.

Here’s the deal:

Stick to one big offer and make it clear.

Tell your customers what they get and how they are benefited from a purchase.
That’s enough.

The golden rule to follow is “less is more”!

If you have multiple offers, it’s best to create multiple landing pages, ideally each landing page featuring a single offer.

Besides, when it comes to content, don’t just use images. Use videos too.


Using videos on your landing page can boost conversions up to 86%.

Mobile optimization

Only half of the landing pages are optimized for mobile phones.

You can take good advantage of Black Friday sales when you optimize your site for mobile users.


According to Shopify, mobile commerce hit a massive 66% of the ecommerce haul during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend last year.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity. Make your landing pages and website mobile-friendly now.

3) Promote your offers through emails

Email marketing for Black Friday Promotions

Create an email marketing campaign to send out to your customers to notify them about your Black Friday offers.

Email is still the champion of Holiday Season with 7.6 billion emails sent by eCommerce stores in 2018.

The objective of your emails should be to promote your offers and most importantly to make people buy from your site.

Did you know?

According to WordStream, consumers who purchase through email spend 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers.

When you start an email marketing campaign, make sure that you’re promoting the best and relevant Black Friday deals.

So how do you do it the right way?

Categorize your audience
The shopping preference of your audience might be different across demographics.

You should look at the shopping history of your customers and design your promotional emails accordingly.

Look at what your customers bought from you previously and create customized offers for them.

Personalize your emails

You should not sound like a machine in your email. Go a step ahead and create a personal rapport with your customers.

Did you know?

Personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates.

You can personalize the subject line to make it look more interesting.

Use the name of customers like “Hey Jack,” instead of just of vague expressions like “dear customer”.

When you personalize your email, your customer feels like hearing back from a friend after quite a while. So don’t hesitate to build that personal connection in your email.

Include a Call to Action

The objective of your email is not just informing customers about your killer Black Friday offers, but to make them take a desirable action. Mostly to make them buy from your site.

A CTA comes handy here. It persuades customers to take action. It could be to buy a product or add it to the cart.

Wordstream recently found out that emails with a single call-to-action increased clicks 371% and sales 1617%.

So never never NEVER forget to add a CTA to your emails.

4) Promote your offers on social media, especially on Facebook

Black Friday Promotions - Best Practices 2019

Social media is where the buzz happens.

Did you know?

42% of the world’s population now uses social media. That’s 3.2 billion users worldwide.

So the power of the social media audiences is so immense.

Here’s another important reason why you should use social media to promote your Black Friday offers:

77% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands they follow on social media.

Facebook promotions are one of the best Black Friday marketing ideas you can try this year.

Run promotional campaigns to reach your audience. Let them know that you’re all set for the Black Friday sales feast.

Facebook is a great platform to promote your Black Friday offers.

Because 74% of Facebook users check their feed daily.

Facebook Ads contains a lot of options to categorize your audience based on different criteria.

The greatest advantage of Facebook ads is that it helps you build a custom audience for your promotions.

I see a lot of offers flooding my Facebook feed during festive seasons.

Likewise, you can reach your target audience and make them buy from your eCommerce store.

For Black Friday, you can use social media to announce your offers.

You can create social media posts and campaigns to inform your customers that you are all set for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with amazing deals.

Besides if you’re selling items that appeal to teens, Instagram too would be a good option to promote your offers.

According to SproutSocial, 72% of teens use Instagram.

Here are some quick tips to do when you do social media campaigns:

  • Use good images/videos
  • Use conversational language in the ad copy
  • Stick to a minimal style
  • Have a clear call to action
  • Pick your relevant audience
  • Use hashtags in description (#Blackfriday, #Cybermonday)

5) Provide free gifts with every purchase

The fact is:

People love free stuff.

Buy an iPhone and get a designer iPhone case absolutely free!

This offer may pique the interest of consumers who are planning to buy an iPhone. Because they are getting additional value for free.

Providing gifts is a way of bringing more value to your customers.

You know that you’re not the only player in your niche. There are hundreds of counterparts out there that are waiting to snatch your customers.

So providing unique FREE gifts could be a good bet here.

Provide gifts that matter.

For example, give a pair of socks if a customer buys a pair of sneakers from your site. Or give a free gift voucher with each purchase.

Sometimes, you may not be able to offer gifts with every product. In such cases, you can limit FREE gift to products with free or low shipping charges.

6) Creating a gift guide & providing gift wrapping service: A good Black Friday Marketing strategy

Create a Gift Guide

The biggest holiday season is also the time when people look for gifts for their loved ones.

They might be looking for gift ideas.

Creating a gift guide in the form of a blog will be a good idea to bag such customers.

For example,

You can help them by simply providing them with your blog on “picking the right gift” and showing them a list of your recommendations.

Gift wrapping service is a good idea if you want to make some additional revenue in this festive season.

Too often people find it difficult to wrap the gifts they bought online. Providing them with paid gift wrapping services would be a good bet.

Besides, you have the opportunity of branding on your gift wraps. Imagine your eCommerce store’s splendid logo on each gift wrap! It will create a lasting impression on your customers.

Here’s how you can do it.

  • Create a blog on “X gifts to buy for your best friend this year”
  • List your recommendations in the blog with a compelling CTA
  • Create urgency
  • Offer a coupon code to avail if they buy the gifts within a time period
  • Provide gift wrapping services at additional cost

7) Display your best deals and offers on the home page

Deals on Home page

A home page is the first page that a person sees when he or she visits your website.
It is the entrance to your eCommerce store. Make it grand and splendid.

Only 50 % of store owners use their website’s home page to promote their Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.
So making use of your home page for promotions would be one of the great Black Friday marketing ideas.

Tell the visitors what you have for them on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It’s always good to display all your best offers and deals on the home page of your website as people instantly get an idea of the benefits they get when they purchase from you.

For example, you can give a preview of your Black Friday discounts and offers on your home page to grab the attention of website visitors.

Because people might be looking for Black Friday offers on different eCommerce websites. To get their attention, you have to scream your offers and create that crucial first impression on people, especially first-time visitors of your site.

So, here’s the point:

Get your homepage ready for Black Friday like the same way your family groomed you for your wedding. Just like that!

8) Hourly deals on Black Friday

Provide your customers with killer hourly deals. A deal an hour!

Doesn’t it tempt people to buy from you?

Hour deals and offers are one of the most effective Black Friday marketing ideas used by eCommerce store owners.

In hourly deals, you’re offering a huge discount on a limited number of products for a specific period of time.

For example:

You might be giving a discount of 20 % on all items for the whole month. But at peak hours on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can change your regular offer and provide a 50% flat discount on any specific products for an hour.

Hourly deals allow much more flexibility when it comes to the pricing of your products. You can change it every hour and the customers will always peep in to get the best deals.

Hourly deals are a good option if you want to sell more items in a short span of time.

Here’s how you can do it right.

Create countdown timers

Add a countdown timer to your hourly deals’ page to push more sales. This naturally creates a sense an urgency among users. Countdown timers constantly remind people that they are running out of time.

Have a goal

If you’re planning to do hourly deals on Black Friday, it should be goal-driven. You have to decide the products to be included in the deal and plan your promotions accordingly.

Identify your target audience

When promoting hourly sales, you should target the relevant audience. Otherwise, you may end up promoting wrong products among a wrong set of audience. It hurts your business, Make sure that your promotions are only directed at the right audience who could become your customers.

Promote hourly sales on social media

Take your business to social media. Give people a teaser of your Black Friday Hourly Deals. It piques the interest of people. They will understand when their favorite products go on sale.
During the sale, share periodic posts about offers on your social media profiles. This is a good step to bring customers back to your site.

9) Preview of products for sale

Preview of Offers

Show people what you’re going to sell on Black Friday. Tell them what they get when they shop from your site.

This prepares the website visitors for Black Friday sales and they can zero in on the products they want to buy.

In the preview, you can show the discounted pricing of the products or just keep it as a surprise to stimulate the curiosity of customers.

Here’s the deal:

Identify the products that your customers would love to buy and give exciting deals on them.
Show them various pictures and videos of the products to ignite their desire to make a purchase.

To keep the buzz intact, you should take a step further and share the videos of your products on social media too.

10) Offer coupon codes for Black Friday Deals

Coupon codes

Surprise your customers with a coupon code!

Offering coupon codes is one of the best Black Friday marketing ideas for eCommerce stores.

If I get a coupon code, I will at least try to make a purchase.
Because I am getting the product at a discount, which is a decent bet.

For your existing customers, you can send a coupon code to their emails to make them purchase from your online store. It is also a way of acknowledging them. So they feel special and rewarded.

Here’s why you should definitely include a coupon code in your emails:

Emails with a coupon code have a 14% higher open rate and a 27% higher transaction completion rate compared to those without coupons or promo codes.

A survey by Inmar found that 83% of consumers said that coupons change their shopping behavior.

So get ready with your coupons to get more customers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

11) Create a Facebook event for your Black Friday Sales

Did you know?

Facebook is the third most-visited website in the world.

Besides, you know that most of your customers are on Facebook nowadays.

They share updates, photos, and videos on Facebook.


Why don’t you go there and notify your Facebook fans about your Mega Black Friday Sales?

It’s good to create a buzz around your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on Facebook. So people will understand when your offers go live.

When you create a Black Friday Sales event on Facebook, you’re upping the game.

You’re subtly telling people that it’s a BIG event of sales.

After creating the event, you should promote it actively among the target audience.

You can make use of Facebook Event Ads to promote your Black Friday Sales Event effectively.

One of the cool things about Facebook Events Ads is you can create a custom audience. If people show interest in your Black Friday Sales, you can target them and create offers that attract such customers.

12) Influencer marketing/ promotional partnerships

Influencer marketing for promotions

Do you want to reach out to a huge target audience right away?

Partner with an influencer who is relevant to your target audience.

Influencer marketing is a nice pick if you’re looking for new ideas for Black Friday marketing

Did you know?

90% of all marketers find ROI from influencer marketing comparable to or better than other marketing channels

Influencer marketing is actually the new form of the traditional product endorsements by Hollywood stars.

Here, you’re partnering with a social media star who has a humungous fan following on social media and is relevant to your market.

Imagine the result of an influencer, who has already built credibility among your potential customers, vouching for your brand and products. People will throng your eCommerce site.

Business owners usually look at the number of followers influencers have before onboarding them for their brands.

It may work sometimes. But generally, it is not a good thing to do.

Only select the influencer who is relevant to your audience.

Here’s another reason why you should pick Influencer marketing for your brand:

17% of companies spend over half the marketing budget for influencer marketing.

13) Extend your deals beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Should you limit your offers and deals to Black Friday and Cyber Monday only?

I would say NO!

I admit that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the big days.

But just extend your offers throughout the week. Because most eCommerce stores will stop running discount sales after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. People would still be looking for offers.

And there you can generate some additional revenue. Because there will still be people who may not be able to shop the right product due to the hustle and bustle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

When you extend your offers, you’re actually giving them one more chance to purchase.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday together constitute the biggest shopping season of the year.

This is a huge opportunity for every eCommerce store owner to make a surge in their revenue and growth. So make sure that you promote your online store the right way among your target audience.

At the core, every tip we discussed here narrows down to giving value to your customers. If they feel that they’re valued, they are gonna love you!

Let us know what Black Friday Marketing Ideas are you planning to use this year?