We are using an extension called Scratch Coupon for WooCommerce to do this.

This is exclusively developed to provide last-minute offers for site visitors and to decrease cart abandonment rates. It helps you customize and configure pop-ups for maximum conversion.

Let’s get started.

Installing Scratch Coupon for WooCommerce Extension

  • Download scratch- coupon- for -woocommerce.zip file from your WooCommerce account
  • Log into your WooCommerce site
  • On the dashboard go to Plugins> Add New> Upload the downloaded file
  • Activate the extension

When you activate the extension, you can see the Scratch Coupon tab in your WooCommerce settings.

You will be able to customize or edit the scratch coupon to match your requirements.

The coupon works according to the movement of the mouse.

For instance, it appears instantly when a site visitor is moving the mouse to close the window

Coupon Customization

Now let’s take a look at customizing each element of the Scratch coupon for WooCommerce settings.

Scratch coupon
You can customize different elements of your coupon here and save changes.

Coupon Status

Coupon before scratching

Image courtesy: WooCommerce

Coupon after scratching

how to add scratch coupon to WooCommerce
Image courtesy: WooCommerce

That’s how you add a scratch coupon to your WooCommerce store.